Underutilized tools on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

Often we look past the obvious and search for the most popular. Well, I’ve got a little secret. Sometimes the obvious is better than the most popular. Do you check your Twitter analytics? And I don’t mean, do you pay for an expensive Twitter analytic tool. Go to right now and start tracking. The information they give you, for free, is worth taking a look at. You can export the data. You can see how much traction each post gets. You can see your average link clicks, retweets and favorites. You can really see what type of posts get the most engagement. You can also manage your Twitter via SMS. I have a select group of people whose tweets I subscribe to via SMS - a

Five tips for reaching the media with your story

The 2015 Edelman Media Forecast highlights Storytelling in the Age of Social Consumption. But what does this mean to the average nonprofit, government agency, association or small business looking to get their story heard? I’ve drilled it down to the following five tips. Journalists and other thought leaders are looking for stories to share and invest in. Let these tips help that story be yours. Videos / Images: Journalists are looking for elements that make their stories shareable, as social media becomes part of their plan instead of an afterthought. On top of that 3 out of 4 journalists prefer to create their own video content. For your story to be picked up be sure you have images ready

Reaching your target: Social media should be in your toolkit

A top excuse I hear for why organizations are not active on social media is because “social media is only for teenagers” or “my target demographic isn’t on social media.” But did you know that half of internet users over 65 use Facebook? That’s 31% of all seniors. Some other stats from the PEW research worth considering - 74% of college educated internet users are on Facebook and 72% of individuals making $75,000 / year or more are on Facebook. Of all Facebook users, 70% say they are active daily. LinkedIn also continued to grow in 2014 - moving from 38% to 50% of college educated internet users being active LinkedIn members. Recent studies also show that the under-30 demographic is more lik

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