Size is everything - for social media images

I’m sure you’ve all been on a Twitter profile or a Facebook page where the images in the header or the profile picture are too grainy, or don’t fit properly so you can’t tell what something says or what it is supposed to be. When you're creating a social media presence for your organization you need to look at these spaces as key real estate and make sure that the images you choose are appropriate, sized correctly and conveying the right message. The sizes for images on most social media channels can change once or twice a year, so be sure you’re checking regularly that your images look the way you want. Constant Contact has posted an updated cheat sheet for these images – which I recommend

How to find GREAT photos you can use for free.

We don’t all have time to go out and take lovely photos to use on our websites and blog posts. We also don’t all have the extra money to spend on stock photos. Luckily there are some AMAZING and free sites that offer great photos for use commercially with very little copyright issues. Some don’t even require acknowledgement. Most of the photos I use on this blog and website are from one of these sources. This is a list of my secret photo website weapons, and I’m sharing it with you. Death to the Stock Photo: These guys send you a pack of photos for you to use every month. The come right to your inbox and the quality is great. I look forward to this email every month. Oh, and for $10 a month

Twitter chat: Tips and tools

If you’re looking for a way to use Twitter to make connections in your industry and build followers I suggest you look into Twitter chats. Twitter or ‘Tweet’ chats are twitter conversations at a scheduled time, using a specific hashtag normally focused on a single topic. They have them for everything and my bet is there is one you could be participating to build your social reputation, gain followers and make new connections. There are tons of places that just list different chats (like this) - but having to scroll through and research each one and try and figure out what a good fit for you can be time consuming and frankly, a little overwhelming. The easiest way is to use Google to search f

Setup your Facebook "Call-to-Action" button today!

If you are trying to grow your email list - you know you need to have as many locations for people to sign up as possible, without being intrusive or pushy. I think the new "Call-to-Action" feature on Facebook pages is a perfect way to expand your reach. I know that for certain brands or organizations, I might be more interested in getting on their email list than liking their Facebook page. But up until now, if I was on a Facebook page I would have to leave Facebook and go to a website and search for a sign-up button. Now the "Call-to-Action" feature lets you direct people straight to the page to sign up. It's easy to set up. Here's a quick "How-to." When you are on the Facebook Page that y

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