Why You Should Verify Your Domain on Facebook by May 8

Have you ever shared a link from your website and changed the image so that it cropped better? Or because the image it pulled automatically wasn’t the one you wanted featured? Maybe you’ve changed the preview text on your link to something that is more attention grabbing than the first paragraph. Or maybe it grabs the wrong text. All of these are reasons that I edit the links from my website on Facebook - but that ability will soon be limited. On May 8th, Facebook will change this feature and the only way to retain link customization abilities will be through the domain verification process. Luckily, Facebook has some straightforward instructions on how to do that. Be sure you’re always in t

Ways to Win at Instagram

There are more and more compelling reasons for organizations and brands to be on Instagram. Here are a few: 71% of US Businesses use Instagram, 80% of users follow a brand and posts with a geo-tag get nearly 80% MORE engagement. (all stats from Sprout Social) But what are some tips and tricks that can help you succeed? Quality of Quantity. Don't let the fact that you don't have anything "good" to post, rush you into posting something not-so-good. One factor of Insta-Success is high quality images. Making sure they are in focus, cropped well and have a straight horizon. Stories are a good supplement; If the quality over quantity still has you itching to post daily, try posting to stories on a

Hootsuite: Setting up your Tabs & Streams

There are many tools you can use when it comes to organizing, scheduling and monitoring your social media. My favorite tool for Twitter is Hootsuite. When you organize your tabs and streams right, Hootsuite is an amazing time saver. Here is my favorite way to organize Hootsuite: I use each tab for a different account I manage. I have two twitter accounts (my personal and my business) plus a tab for each of my current clients. I start with four of the basic tabs - Scheduled, My Tweets, Mentions, Retweets. These show you what you have planned, what you have recently said and what other people are sharing and amplifying. This gives you a really quick snapshot of your activity on Twitter. My sec

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