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The social nature of politics.

Happy election day! People have been talking politics since the days of the ancient Greeks. In today's world, an opinion can get amplified quickly using a wide variety of social media outlets. Campaigns aren't just won door-to-door or on T.V. ads. Social media is playing a larger and larger role every election cycle.

A recent analysis of today's midterm election done by the Facebook Data Science Team, showed that 150,000 posts regarding governor races and races for the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate generated 20 million likes, comments and shares. When you think about what that means for the number of impressions - we are talking in the hundred millions. Easily.

Something else interesting about the analysis? Challengers out post incumbents nearly 2-1. The point? People are talking politics and they may be talking about you or your cause. Most likely your opposition is out their listening and joining their conversation. Don't let these conversations be the deal breaker at the voting booth - make sure you're in the conversation too!

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