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Reaching your target: Social media should be in your toolkit

A top excuse I hear for why organizations are not active on social media is because “social media is only for teenagers” or “my target demographic isn’t on social media.” But did you know that half of internet users over 65 use Facebook? That’s 31% of all seniors.

Some other stats from the PEW research worth considering - 74% of college educated internet users are on Facebook and 72% of individuals making $75,000 / year or more are on Facebook. Of all Facebook users, 70% say they are active daily.

LinkedIn also continued to grow in 2014 - moving from 38% to 50% of college educated internet users being active LinkedIn members.

Recent studies also show that the under-30 demographic is more likely than their parents to consider volunteering a “very important” civic obligation. So non-profit organizations should think of these millennials as potential volunteers when deciding if they are worth reaching out to.

Need some help figuring out what social media platforms your target demographic is on? Just drop me a line and I’ll be glad to help.

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