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Underutilized tools on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

Often we look past the obvious and search for the most popular. Well, I’ve got a little secret. Sometimes the obvious is better than the most popular.

Do you check your Twitter analytics? And I don’t mean, do you pay for an expensive Twitter analytic tool. Go to right now and start tracking. The information they give you, for free, is worth taking a look at. You can export the data. You can see how much traction each post gets. You can see your average link clicks, retweets and favorites. You can really see what type of posts get the most engagement.

You can also manage your Twitter via SMS. I have a select group of people whose tweets I subscribe to via SMS - and some times I respond or DM or follow people this way. It really is easier sometimes than the app. You’d be amazed at what you can do via SMS.

Another Twitter tip? You can tag people in your photos, just like on Facebook. It saves some of those precious 140 characters.

Facebook Graph Search lets you find old posts by keywords. Just put the keyword(s) you are interested in the search field at the top. Just a hint - be sure to use the little magnifying glass instead of clicking on one of the specific pages it recommends (see photo above.) I searched for “California Drought” and found some great posts from Save Our Water and California news channels. If you remember a post on a topic - or just want to connect with people / brands interested in a topic - this is a GREAT tool. I’ve found many ways it has worked for me, including generating leads.

You may know how to get a smiley face on Facebook - :) or maybe even a heart - <3 but do you know how to get a great white shark? Type (^^^) and watch what appears. You can see more Facebook emoticon shortcuts too - this falls in the silly category - but you might find some of these useful.

See pins on Pinterest from any website. This is the link you use: - but replace “” with your website address. For instance from my website it would be Sometimes it’s nice to leave a comment on a pin someone has posted from your site. Even if it’s just saying “Thanks for visiting my site, hope you find it useful!”

These are just some of my favorite. By the way, if you’re reading this and want more tips and tricks like these - be sure you’re following me on Twitter and Facebook! And I am always available for questions.

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