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Setup your Facebook "Call-to-Action" button today!

If you are trying to grow your email list - you know you need to have as many locations for people to sign up as possible, without being intrusive or pushy. I think the new "Call-to-Action" feature on Facebook pages is a perfect way to expand your reach.

I know that for certain brands or organizations, I might be more interested in getting on their email list than liking their Facebook page. But up until now, if I was on a Facebook page I would have to leave Facebook and go to a website and search for a sign-up button.

Now the "Call-to-Action" feature lets you direct people straight to the page to sign up.

It's easy to set up. Here's a quick "How-to."

When you are on the Facebook Page that you manage you'll notice a button on your cover photo that says "Create Call-to-Action." From here you can choose from a variety of buttons including "Shop Now" "Contact Us" and "Sign Up." For growing an email list you would choose "Sign Up."

You then enter the url of the page you would like to direct people to (I created a seperate landing page on my website - just for email list sign ups.) You can enter a mobile url as well if you want a different page for mobile users. It then asks you to choose an iOS destination - which would allow you to direct people to an app when they click the button on an iOS device. For email sign-ups you would most likely just leave this option to "Website."

When you are finished - you'll have a lovely button that says "Sign Up" and Facebook will track and let you know the numbers on your Call-to-Action clicks.

Easy peasy. If you have a Facebook page - I highly suggest taking advantage of this tool today!

Of course, if you ever need help with Facebook or any social media / digital marketing for your organization just let me know. I love to help. Oh and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more tips, tool and inspiration!

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