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'Agvocates' to Follow on Social Media from California and Beyond

Agvocacy. No, that’s not a misspelling. It’s advocacy for the agriculture industry and all farmers and ranchers are agvocates. They spend their lives feeding the world. Agvocating is a great way for the industry to show off some of the fine work they are doing.

I am proud to get to serve my agricultural clients. Their message is essential, family-oriented and passionate. They are stewards to our open lands. Earlier this week we celebrated Agriculture as part of National Ag Day. The theme in California, “Climate-smart, California Grown” highlights the industries environmental stewardship and innovation.

In honor of National Ag Day earlier this week, here are some amazing “Agvocates” to follow on social media:

Rice Farming TV: If you want to know what goes into being a rice farmer in the Sacramento Valley, Rice Farming TV is your channel. Matthew Sliger takes you along for the ride - and gives you behind the scene looks, and in-depth information - all with a side of entertainment. With pretty much weekly episodes, there is always something new.

Rice Radio: Kurt Richter has a broadcasting background in addition to his farming background so his ability to talk farming on his podcast "Rice Radio" is no surprise. He finds great guests to talk about the important issue to rice farmers in California - including water, the environment and harvest. You can follow him on Twitter as well.

Almond Girl Jenny: A perfect agvocate - Jenny grew up on an almond farm in Chico - married an almond farmer from Kern County - where they now have their own family farm. She is worth following across all channels - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. She is a great resource for behind the scene looks at almond farming in the Central Valley.

While, Carmel Honey Company is a brand - the high school beekeeper behind the brand, Jake Reisdorf, is a total agvocate. He's active on his company's Facebook page and Instagram - showing the bees, sharing facts and important information that you might not know. Plus, who doesn't like honey?

Now if we step a little outside of California - I'd encourage you to follow Agricultural with Dr. Lindsay. While she grew up on a Northern California cattle ranch - she now is an Extension Educator with the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. She tells stories about agriculture and the people that grow and raise our food, talks agriculture practices and answers questions. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Follow a few or all of these amazing people - so you can see the hard work that goes into the food production that most of us take for granted. And don't forget to thank a farmer.

Be sure you follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more fun social media news and tips - and subscribe to my newsletter so you never miss a post.

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