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Talking to Mobile Twitter Users

Twitter has released some research about the relationship between Twitter and Mobile users. What does this data mean for you or your organization? Let's take a closer look.

Photo by Courtney Clayton on Unsplash

As a mobile-first platform (most twitter users are accessing Twitter on a mobile device) - it is important to think about what Twitter users are doing when they are seeing your content. With the recent research, Twitter identified three key scenarios:

* While Watching T.V.

* Relaxing at home

*Killing time while alone

Thinking about these three scenarios and developing some content that builds on those situations could be key in getting engagement on Twitter.

Consider key "news" hours 6pm and 10pm for instance. It might be worth sharing your organizations new during these time periods. Also consider key televised events (olympics, Super Bowl, Bachelor finale) and using these themes to talk about your message. Even if they are only loosely connected.

Have something you'd like your followers to do? Like a short survey or sign up for something? Consider sending a tweet around noon that says something like this, "Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on XYZ. You'll be done before your friend arrives for your lunch date."

Twitter is a great platform to try things out - since the half life of a tweet is relatively short, you can always tweet the same thing a little differently later.

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