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Ways to Win at Instagram

There are more and more compelling reasons for organizations and brands to be on Instagram. Here are a few: 71% of US Businesses use Instagram, 80% of users follow a brand and posts with a geo-tag get nearly 80% MORE engagement. (all stats from Sprout Social)

But what are some tips and tricks that can help you succeed?

Quality of Quantity. Don't let the fact that you don't have anything "good" to post, rush you into posting something not-so-good. One factor of Insta-Success is high quality images. Making sure they are in focus, cropped well and have a straight horizon.

Stories are a good supplement; If the quality over quantity still has you itching to post daily, try posting to stories on a more consistent basis. Stories are more forgiving when it comes to quality and are great to show a behind the scenes look.

Geo-tagging. As I mentioned at the start, posts that have a geo-tag (aka location) get nearly 80% more engagement. That goes for stories too! Use the location geo-tag whenever you can to expand your local audience and increase engagement.

Business Accounts. Be sure to make your account a "business" account so you can get access to the analytics they provide. They can help you identify what posts work best, what hashtags work best, and much more.

Seem a little overwhelming? Let me know I'd love to help you develop a plan for Instagram or manage your account. Be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more fun and sign up for my newsletter so you never miss out on anything.

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