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5 Podcasts Episodes for Social Media Specialists

As someone interested in social media, you already know that there are so many different ways to get information now days. One of my favorites is listening to podcasts. They are easy to listen to while driving or working or cleaning… pretty much anywhere or anytime.

You can find them on any topic, including social media. Here are 5 of my favorite podcast episodes that talk about social media.

Radiolab “Post No Evil” - This episode talks about Facebook and the development of their specific guidelines on what can be posted and what can not be posted to the platform. Very interesting listen - even for people outside of the social media work world.

Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner “Instagram Stories Strategy: How to Make Stories That Benefit Your Business” - I’m all about Instagram Stories. I love looking at them and I think it is a great way to get people to check out your stuff and share additional content on Instagram. Especially videos. This podcast is great all around and this is one of my favorite episodes.

Social Media Lab “Will Evergreen Content on Facebook Hurt Reach?” - This is a topic that people go back and forth on. Evergreen content - is it worth posting something again and again? Do you get more traffic? What REALLY works? Agorapulse shares some data to put it to the test.

Community Signal “Snapchat Story-Sized Humanity” - A great look at the social media tools of the young folk out there. What the gaming industry had done to embrace this and how other techy items need to do the same. It’s a fun listen.

Goal Digger Podcast “The Entrepreneur Guide to SEO” - Search Engine Optimization is a topic many ignore and avoid. Because it just isn’t easy for most of us. I’ll tell you, this episode helped me a lot. I love all of Jenna Kutcher’s stuff and this one is my favorite of the all the episodes. So tune in.

So the next time your in your car - put one of these podcasts on and learn a little something!

Want more recommendations to keep you on top of your game when it comes to social media and digital communications? Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And of course, if you need help with social media drop me a note.

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