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Coming Soon for Better Community Building

Not every brand is on social media to sell. Some brands are focused on building community, finding donors or promoting activity. As a social media manager for many brands that don't have a number one goal of selling - it is sometime hard to make tools work for a different purpose.

Facebook has been investing in ways that they can help those doing social good on their channels build stronger communities. At a recent summit, they announced some features they are working on that will do just that.

This includes changes to tools and management options for groups, hoping to make things easier for group managers who are often managing groups to improve a community and for no personal financial gain.

Another option I am excited to see move forward for my nonprofit clients is fundraising options available on Instagram. With over $1 billion raised on Facebook last year - I really see this as being another great, helpful feature for fundraisers.

Facebook also announced plans to streamline the ability to reply across platforms - so page managers could respond to Instagram messages from their Facebook page.

You can learn more about these new upcoming features and more from the recent Facebook Community Summit on their news page.

Want help building your community on social media? We love doing social good, so just drop me a note. Also, make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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