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Two Examples of Social Media Posts that Drive Engagement

When it comes to posting on Social Media -- most everyone has the same desire. To drive engagement. They want people to see, like, comment, and share their post. They want people to spread the word about their brand. Sometimes, you just hit the jackpot and sometimes your post flops.

Here are two examples of social media posts that drive engagement - and some thoughts behind why these posts got the attention they did.


One strategy for getting engagement on a post is to try and spark a debate among your followers. The game Uno did this quite successfully, when they posted on Twitter about stacking +4 and +2 cards in the post below.

This one tweet from Uno got over 5,000 comments, 60,000 retweets, and 83,000 likes. The way that people play games (and the idea of “house rules”) is something people feel really strongly about but at the same time isn’t something so serious that people will get upset over.

They have since made some posts about other rules of the game, but none have driven the engagement that this one tweet did. If there is something similar about your brand that might spark a conversation or debate among followers -- consider posting about it. We all know people love getting into a debate on social media - and this proves it can be done in a really fun way.

Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo recently posted a video of an animal ultrasound as a way to announce that an animal at the zoo would be having a baby. They asked for people to guess the animal. People love animals -- and especially baby animals. An announcement of a new baby animal with a request for engagement (instead of just announcing which animal it is) pulls at the heartstrings of many.

The Sacramento Zoo gets a handful of comments on an average post - and this post got 134 comments! The video was played over 8,000 times! It was something that the whole family could get interested in (my kids wanted to take a guess too.) And it sparked conversation among followers when some followers guessed turtle and other followers reminded them that turtles hatch from eggs.

This was a really fun way for the zoo to get people interested and talking about their social media and sharing it with friends and family.

If you have something fun to announce or something that you can ask people to guess to identify - give it a try!

The big thing about driving engagement is finding content that sparks people’s interest. Some things work for one brand and not as well for others. Keep trying with different types of content and check back regularly for what gets higher than average engagement and try to find ways to do more.

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