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All New Twitter: 5 Things You Need to Know

If you’ve logged on to Twitter this week from a desktop computer - you probably noticed something looked different. Considering most people probably interact with Twitter on their mobile devices or through a third-party app like Hootsuite, you may not have even seen it yet! If not, go check it out. Then come back here - and find out all you need to know about the new design.

Bookmarks: I love the “saved” feature on Instagram and Twitter and use it regularly. It nice that now on the desktop version of twitter users can easily see any tweets that they have bookmarked. (Don’t know how to bookmark a tweet? - Under each tweet there is an upwards pointing arrow that allows you to bookmark that tweet.)

Super Dark Mode: If Twitter’s dark mode wasn’t dark enough for you - you can now pick an even darker mode. I’m often on my computer at night and the dark mode helps my eyes.

Personalization: As you can see in the screenshot of my personal twitter account (above) The secondary color (which is normally always Twitter blue) is pink. Why might you need this? Well, if you manage multiple accounts you can make each account a different accent color and it is super easy to tell which account you are logged in as.

Switch Between Accounts: Speaking of managing multiple accounts, they FINALLY have the option to switch back and forth without the official “log-off” and “login” hassle. Another feature that has been available on the app for a while now. Finally makes its way to desktop.

Explore: This feature used to be only available on the app -- and now it is available on the desktop version. The best thing is with the great new homepage layout - you can switch between explore, home, your profile, your lists, and everything right from that page. This makes your transition between sections more seamless.

Have you explored the new desktop Twitter page? What are you most excited about?

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