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4 Tips to Adjust Your Social Media for Today's World

Welcome to 2020. There are so many important things happening in the world right now and you might feel like your good old social media strategy and voice just don’t fit with the current times. And guess what? It’s true. Most people are expecting you to acknowledge the changes in the world right now. Both with the COVID pandemic and Black Lives Matter - I would encourage you to think about how these apply to your business or organization. How are you changing the way you operate? 

Here are 4 tips on how to reconsider your content for the new normal.

Image byJustin Kilian from Pixabay

Be Selfless. 

Now is not the time for loads of self-promotion. Put some time into thinking about what you and your brand can do to really help people. Think about what your audience needs and what they are going through. Show compassion. Listen when you need to be listening. Help elevate the stories of people of color in your community. Think of ways you can help the working mom who has to be watching her kids at home while working. There are so many tough situations right now - your brand and voice need to be thinking of those individuals.

Be Aware.

It is super important that your images show and support people behaving safely during this pandemic. Is it required for people to wear masks in public in your state or county? Make sure your images reflect that. If you show people in public places make sure they are following the guidelines that have been set forth. This shows that you care and are concerned about the health and wellbeing of your followers and customers. 

Be Real.

Employees still working from home? A few people in the office wearing masks? Show this side of things. Pretending things are the same as they always have been is unrealistic. Give people the natural interactions that they are missing in person - by interacting more on social media. If you have the time and manpower, try engaging more with your audience.

Be Ready for More Change.

If there is one thing we have really learned, it’s that things can change quickly. Be prepared to adjust your messaging based on what is happening and how you can really be of help to people. If you feel like you can’t be helpful? It’s ok to stay quiet. Take a break from posting if you feel like the timing just isn’t right. It’s important to be aware of what is happening so be sure you’re up on the news. 

If you need help with social media during these difficult times, let me know. Also, be sure to follow along on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and sign up for my newsletter so you can stay up to date on what’s happening in communications.

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